Situation in Aleppo as Russian and Syrian fighter jets remain grounded

Russian and Syrian military aircraft have not conducted any missions in Aleppo for 13 days, but the situation in the embattled Syrian city has not improved, with radical groups shelling residential areas and preventing civilians from leaving, defense analyst Igor Korotchenko told Radio Sputnik, adding that such pauses help terrorists “to regroup.” “The situation [in Aleppo] has not really stabilized,” he said. “Urban fighting is ongoing. The Syrian Arab Army, assisted by Hezbollah fighters has been active in the city. But no airstrikes have been conducted.” “However, twelve Syrians managed to reach safe areas of the city last night through the corridor in the al-Mashar neighborhood,” the ministry said. “According to the refugees, they were allowed to leave after giving a $300 bribe per person to one of the field commanders. Three families had to sell all of their belongings.”

via Situation in Aleppo as Russian and Syrian fighter jets remain grounded — the real Syrian Free Press



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